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Welcome to Huchehault's website !

La bataille d'Auray
(détail d'une enluminure des Chroniques de Froissart, BNF)

This website contains many pages about the late Middle Ages :

Huchehault in the 15th century

A poor man c. 1300

Historical infos and documents

Links about the late Middle Ages and many other subjects




(A french-language-only medieval Webring)

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Huchehault along the centuries (re-enactments of various periods)



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Hey, how many home pages are in this website ? There should be only one !

Well, no, there's quite a lot of secondary home pages in here...

...because this site deals with differents historical periods, AND with at least three different languages : celtic Breton, French, and English, and I didn't want to put any of these languages above the others.

So there's a home page for every main subject (miscellaneous re-enactment, late medieval info, and late 17th C info), in each of the three languages. Don't worry for the headaches of the webmaster, I've got used to both... ;o)