Some foreign friends


We are glad to develop good relationship with foreign re-enactors and societies recreating the same period of history. For how could we fight for our king if we haven't got any foe ? ;o)

Some of them appear here, with links to their own websites :


 "Colonel Holcroft Blood's Ordnance" (UK)

"De Blaauwe Garde" :
the Dutch Blue Guards



 "L'Age d'Or", and Kirke's Lambs regiment (UK)




The Red Dragoons of the duke of Savoy :
the italian society "
Dragoni Rossi"

"Tambourafdelingen" from Norway,
wearing the danish uniform




 "Preobrazhensky Life Guards"
from St-Petersburg (Russia)

    Reggimento La Marina, an italian society in the red uniform of Savoy



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