A poor man c.1300


In May 2003, during the "Fest'Yves" festival in the village of Ploerdut (south Brittany), Huchehault was asked to play the role of an historical character whose name was Rivalon.

Rivalon really existed, he was one of the numerous poor people who were helped by saint Yves Helouri (a weel-known breton saint, cleric and lawyer) in the late 13th century.


Poor traveller or pilgrim c.1300


Our man wears a tunic or bliaut, under which his linen breeches may be seen. His woollen hoses are rolled under the knee. He is lucky enough to own rather good leather shoes.

A white woollen hood and a large piece of grey cloth protect him from the cold. A linen coif covers his hair. He keeps his modest belongings in an heavy linen or hemp bag.


Our man still has some hope :
the small pewter buttons sewn to his hood
could be sold for a few coins.


A small jug seems to be a good friend in difficult times...


(pics : Beatrice Boulatoff)



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