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"Huchehault" along the centuries...


"Huchehault" is a character who, strangely enough, can be encountered in many different periods of history. Whatever century you like, there is a good chance to meet him there. And if he is there, be sure that he has many things to tell about his everyday life and about all the events and battles he has witnessed in this historical period.

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his friends, and our re-enactments of these periods !

Huchehault in the 15th century

A poor pilgrim c. 1300


Huchehault and the pirates

 The Guard and the Witch :
a street fantasy entertainment
(page in french)

Huchaux in the American Civil War

(page in french)

Please enquire about other periods.


"Huchehault", what a strange name... comes from the old french "hucher" (= to shout) ; and "hault" is an old spelling of "haut" (= high) ; so "Huche-hault" is "the guy who shouts very loud"...

Do not be afraid however : as we say in Brittany, "he barks but he doesn't bite !"

Some friendly british re-enactors have even found another translation : they call me "captain Shout"...


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Skirmish wargame rules for 28 mm miniatures

Hey, how many home pages are in this website ? There should be only one !

Well, no, there's quite a lot of secondary home pages in here...

...because this site deals with differents historical periods, in at least three different languages : celtic Breton, French, and English, and I didn't want to put any of these languages above the others.

So there's a home page for every main subject (miscellaneous re-enactment, late medieval info, and late 17th C info), in each of the three languages. Don't worry for the headaches of the webmaster, I've got used to both... ;o)


Patrice MEALLIER "Huchehault"

actor and historical re-enactor since 1990


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